Niina Kivi

We have newborn kittens!

These litters are under evaluation for the first 5-6 weeks:

Ella & Onni ~
Dollyblues Sentimental (RAG g 04) x Dollyblues Wonder Of It Alll (RAG a)

5 kittens, DOB 8.10.2017

Nuppu & Oliver ~
Dollyblues Piece Of Mind (RAG f 04) x Dollyblues Here And Now (RAG n 04)

4 kittens, DOB 27.10.2017

Mai & Oliver ~ 
Dollyblues Girl Of Mine (RAG a 03 21) x Dollyblues Here And Now (RAG n 04)

4 kittens, DOB 30.10.2017

Stella & Rontti ~
Dollyblues They Live In You (RAG n) x Dollyblues Man In Squalor (RAG n 03)

5 kittens, DOB 30.10.2017

Senni & Tähkä ~
Dollyblues Deja Vu (RAG n 03 hm/mhv) x Dollyblues Never Can Say Goodbye (RAG a 03 hm)

3 kittens, DOB 11.11.2017

Kide & Jussi ~
Dollyblues Feels Like Summer (RAG a 03 true) x RedHorizon's Johnny Walker (RAG d 04)

4 kittens, DOB 15.11.2017

Plans for winter 2017-2018...

IC Dollyblues Beautiful Intentions (RAG n 04) x Dollyblues Man In Squalor (RAG n 03 mhw)

Dollyblues The Prettiest Star (RAG n 03 true) x Dollyblues Never Can Say Goodbye (RAG a 03 hm)

Dollyblues Born To Be Yuor Baby (RAG a 03 hm) x GIC Dollyblues Fill your Heart (RAG n) 

More info later or via email!